Target Audience - GCSE Secondary School Pupils

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, April 27, 2010
I've decided on my target audience for my Fern animation. It will be targeted at Secondary School Pupils doing their GCSEs (14, 15 and 16 years old). It may also be useful for older students (I never knew anything about Ferns before yesterday, so It would have definitely educated me) I've decided on this for several reasons:

  • The visual style and animation techniques will be familiar to people this age, and they will be more interested in learning the information if it is in a dynamic and visually-pleasing way
  • I can sum up the information in a moderate way, I will not need to research advanced Bio-Chemistry (Thank God) but at the same time I can include information that pupils of a younger age would not grasp.
  • The animation will not need to be patronising, I can aim it directly at this year-range, assuming how much the viewer already understands.
  • I did my GCSE's not that long ago and I believe I still have a good idea of what I wanted to see and how information was 'digested'.

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