Research: Fertilisation inside the Gametophyte

Posted by Sam Hayes On Thursday, April 29, 2010
I have a good idea of how I want my animation to look and I'm going to post up some sort of colour scheme to 'build to' so I can keep it consistant. However, the one part that I'm attempting to visualize is the Fertilisation that occurs between the Sperm and the Egg inside the Gametophyte (The small leafy offspring) I want this to be as cinematic as the rest of my animation, so I'm going to visualize it as being quite 'sudden'. I'm researching into the process to see where I can take liberties while still putting across the correct information.

The images I've found show the layout fine, just not the process and the way it all 'moves'.

The video below (Found on Shahbir's Blog) gave me a good idea. I imagine what it would be like to 'go down' into the image, I imagined it as being a green-landscape, almost 'rocky' with tissue, With huge sacks of the Sperm cells bursting, hundreds of sperm cells then start streaming across the landscape, heading for the Egg and then crowding to reach it. I can imagine some lovely concept art for this, I just need to knuckle down and try and create whats in my head.

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