Research: Luck in the Garden

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, May 01, 2010
I came back home for the weekend today, planning on getting my storyboarding done, and when I mentioned what project I was working on I was told there was a fern that was growing in the garden. I went out to look at it, and it turned out to be quite useful.

Its quite young, so it's in-between the Gametophyte stage and being fully grown. I took a few pictures which I know will come in use. I love the 'circle' of stems, al facing each other as they grow out of the ground, this is something I'm thinking about using.

I'm now drawing up my storyboards, trying to visualise what I want to show, but these will be rough ideas. I want to properly plan out the look of my animation in the concept art stage next week. I've also spent a few hours over the last few days playing with render layers in Maya and After Effects, trying to create something appealing for my first shot. I will post up my progress later today.

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