Pre-Production: Storyboard Draft #1

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, May 01, 2010
Edit: I've added a couple more frames. The last ones to add are going to take much more research into how the Sperm Fertilises the Egg, I want it to seem very cinematic and I'm going to put a lot of work into my concept art for this piece.

I have the first part of my storyboard drafted. This half includes a 'introduction' to the fern plant, annotating the important parts and then moves on to the spore sacks (Sporangia) and how they 'fire' out the spores. Ths second half will be the spores landing, growing a Gametophyte, Fertilisation and then the growing of the offspring. If at any time I feel strapped for time, I can always shorten the cycle but I am aiming to complete the whole process.

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