Unit 6 Brief

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, April 24, 2010
I've been looking through the online brief we received yesterday and also thinking about some of the information Phil told us. In two weeks time, May 10th , we have a Pitch presentation to our Commisioners, by this time we need a full grasp of what our final production will be along with all our pre-production. This includes our narrative with storyboarding (In animatic form), concept art and some Maya pre-visualisation, which seems about the same as the previous Story-telling unit, this gives a rough idea of how much time will need to be spent on these.

A major decision in this unit that Phil explained yesterday was the target audience, which can be anything from primary school children to undergraduates. The tone of the production will be based on who we choose to 'instruct'. I was thinking about this and depending on the further information we receive (what we're assigned) I think setting a target audience at GCSE level is a good choice. This way, the basics and important parts of the process can be explained but it will not be saturated with scientific information, neither will it be too simple. Also, creating this in a 3D animation allows it to be scenic, filmic and cinematic. Students at GCSE would have a better appreciation and understanding of this. Once we've been given the detailed brief I'll have to consider this.

As for the production, a lot of planning is going to be needed, taking into account render and editing times.

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