Epiphany or Stupidity? New Idea

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, May 08, 2010
I was quite happy the other day with my concept, which wasn't strong, but I was hoping to expand my idea inside Maya. Half-way through today, I had a new idea, which I would usually just ignore as I'm too far along in this project, but  now feel to do that would be passing an opportunity. I seem to do this every bloody project, and if it annoys Phil then he shouldn't worry because it annoys me three times as much. So I've scrapped my Storyboards, I scrapped my Pre-Viz and I've scrapped my concepts, which were very close to finished. I have less than two days to present this new idea, and I'm a twat.

My new idea is to use the micro-biological enviroments in a more scenic way, specifically to match the 'Adventure' genre. I know Richard is doing a 'monster' type genre,which will be very different, but if he feels I'm replicating him too much I'll let him give me a free punch in the face. I'm focusing on the enviroments, I want to match them to the type of scenes seen in adventures films, namely 'Indiana Jones' and 'The Librarian' but also films like Labyrinth and 'The Princess Bride'. The whole animation will have a 'quest' feel to it, similar to those old Mac/Windows adventure games. I'll post reference images from all these later.

I have a semi-refined narrative in my head, which I'll put into storyboards before Monday.

FIRST CONCEPT: Sperm Fertilising the Egg
This takes place on the surface of a 'baby fern', the Gametophyte. It shows the 'river' that bursts from the Antheridium (The sperm sack) that carries the sperm cells to the egg (Shown in the image) This is in the style of a swamp, the 'branches' are bits of tissue on the surface and the 'grass' is the fibre from the plant. The sperm cells are being carried down the rapids to the egg.

Next concepts are on the way.

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