Maya: Shot 01 Draft: Forest Scene

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, May 10, 2010
Few images from my first scene:


I've been working on this scene through my pre-production as I knew it would stay the same throughout the process. This is my opening shot, after the titles, where the fern is established in the forest. Below I have posted a quick 'stage' video showing how I put the shot together using After Effects and Maya. The plants and Tree was created in Maya, the Grass was created using Maya Paint Effects. The Fern is about 10 planes with a billboard texture (Using an Alpha Channel) so that it rendered quite quickly. All the layers were tweaked in After Effects to help them blend plus the background was added and blurred. I'm glad I have this rendered as it took a while and is the heaviest scene in my animation (I hope!)

The textures and colours I am trying to match to my concept art, making it seem quite vivid and adventurous, rather than dull or gloomy. I'm sure the music will help also.

The Shot in Concept and Pre-Viz:

The Video, There is an error in the last sequence, the background freaks out a bit, which is because the keyframes were a bit wonkey in AE, I'ts easy to fix so I'll do that later.  

Youtube was being rude so I've uploaded it to a host Jack used earlier.

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