Maya: Scene 02 Draft: Canyon on Leaf Surface

Posted by Sam Hayes On Tuesday, May 11, 2010
My second scene takes place on the surface of the leaf, the camera shoots through the 'canyon' which is a fissure on the leaf. I've been trying to think about it logically, so I came to the conclusion that:

  • There would be fibres of plant tissue growing on the surface and in the Canyon.
  • There would be water in the canyon, as rainfall would run off the surface of the leaf and collect in the fissure.
  • The walls would be quite bright as they would be on the leaf, which has a lot of Chlorophyll and seeing them this close the surface would look almost celluar.
This is the picture I had when I thought of a texture:

I tried to replicate it in Maya by creating a shader. It could still use some work as it looks a bit 'plastic' but I think it's getting there. Below shows the simple shader and the result.

I've drafted the scene as I imagine it. There are fibres sticking out of the plant canyon wall and out of the floor. The canyon is slightly submerged from the rainfall and the surface is bumpy. I'm sure there are a lot of changes to make before I'm happy with it. If anyone has any ideas or can point out an scientific inaccuracies then that would be helpful.

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