Robin Hood (Ridley Scott)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Wednesday, May 12, 2010
This evening I dragged myself off of Maya and went to see the new rendition of Robin Hood, which I'd thought I'd make a quick post about to convince anyone reading to go spend your scarce English pennies to see it. The story is a new vision of the legend of Robin Hood, taking place before he becomes an outlaw. Russell Crowe is great in the role and I would say his character is almost as believeable as Maximus in Gladiator.

Obviously, I was trying to spot the CG, which was perfectly used as it was almost impossible to notice it is there, until of course you reason that the Tower of London isn't surrounded by forests now, but huge glass buildings and bankers (almost put a 'w' in that) It was a great storyline, which might at first seem generic, but soon becomes quite unique. There are lots of shots of Russell Crowe in leather, if you like that sort of thing and plenty of Cate Blanchett to balance things out. I'd say if anyone is getting a bit bored of the saturation of blockbusters like Clash of the Titans, Iron Man, Avatar etc then go see this for the simplicity of a great story and possibly an even better soundtrack. It's not all mud and horses, there is a bit of comedy in there and annoyingly, lots of actors who I recognised but have no idea where from.

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