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Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, December 04, 2010

I've made a previous post on this essay, but it has been buried by my other work, so this post will be where I dump all my sources and structure so I can refer to it later and maybe receive some feedback. I'll be constantly updating this post for my own use.

I've made a quick draft of my essay on Blade Runner and have decided to consider  the following post-modern topics which resonate throughout the film:

Firstly, the class-divide in the film, showing a future world where if the distance between social classes isn't increased, then it is hugely exaggerated. I'll be refering this to David Harvey's " THE CONDITION OF POSTMODERNITY: AN ENQUIRY INTO THE ORIGINS OF CULTURAL CHANGE." which I need to look into further. This will focus on not only the architecture of the film and the mise-en-scene, but also the characters and their social positions.

for this topic:

Bruno, G. (1990). Ramble city: postmodernism and Blade Runne
Davis, M. (1992). City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles. London: Vintage.
Harvey, D. (1989c). Flexible accumulation through urbanization: reflections on "Post-Modernism" in the American city


The other possibility is to base the essay on the Pastiche, analysing the architectural designs in the film, which echo of different eras of the past, as well as the clothing, which is a mixture of futuristic yet post-war retro.I think this may make a stronger essay, but more research will tell. For this, I would use the below sources (plus more, of course)

Postmodernism and Cultural Theories - Fredric Jameson
Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism - Fredric Jameson
Bruno, G. (1990). Ramble city: postmodernism and Blade Runner


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