Character Progress

Posted by Sam Hayes On Sunday, December 05, 2010
I've been working more on the Jock character, but it is still far from complete. No texture have been added yet, just quick mock-up colours. The head is the main thing that needs to be refined as we're heading for a more stylistic approach and this is a little generic cartoon so Im sure changes will be made. The body has the basic proportions and shape, the detail will be added soon such as Jean-Zipper, Buttons on Jersey, Insignia, Shoelaces etc.

The hair-style also needs to be decided, but as we're heading down the 80's road it will be quite retro (Not David Bowie mind you, the render time on a Bowie haircut would be incredible)

This is Richard's concept that I'm working from:

I have also UV'mapped the body, but not the head, because it will  be changed.

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