Tremors (1990)

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, December 10, 2010
Alan's film showing this week was 'Tremors', a comedic horror made directed by Ron Underwood. The plot centres around small isolated town in the American desert, which is experiencing  unexpected underground tremors. It follows a 'comedy duo' of handymen, played by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward who joined by a local female seismotologist, discover the source of the tremors - huge mutated worms, pillaging the area of livestock and eventually, it's residents

I first watched this film when I was about six, on a bootleg VHS, probably down to bad parenting , but I distinctly remember this film being the source for most of my early swear words. It still holds up today, both in comedy terms and effects. The use of huge amounts of blood and gore as well as early special effects really matches the absurdity of the creatures, ridiculously large worms, a creature which is usually seen as harmless.

The pace of the film is also perfect, with more people getting 'picked' off before realising what is killing people, eventually the film turns to the survivor's favour, having them fighting back against the creatures, which allows for plenty of over-exaggerate comedy. The messages throughout the film become clearer, especially with the stereotypes that feature throughout it, the 'redneck' type handymen, having to become heroic along with the all-american couple who have a ridiculous amount of firepower, pumping round after round into the gigantic worms.

Tremors has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of fresh with a 88% score, proving it's success in both it's comedy and special effects. Each death in the film gets more ridiculous and the dialogue in itself, is very clever. The film, although a comedy, is at the base, a horror, with there being some jump-in-seat moments and scares. Overall, this 50's movie pastiche is one of the more enjoyable takes on B-Movies and holds up very well in the modern day.

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