Previz : Act One

Posted by Sam Hayes On Monday, March 21, 2011
Pre-visualising the first act has taken me longer than I hoped. The main reason is the amount of scenes and environments which occur in the introduction, shots of the train mixed with the platform. The Previz is below, it is a blockout of animation and timing, and I'm sure it is not final, but it is getting there. This is the first 40(ish) seconds of my animation; the introduction. I'm going to need to work hard over the next couple of weeks to complete the next two acts to the quality I want to.

The low-quality video is here, below are a few rendered shots from throughout it, most of which have things in them that need fixing (Textures, camera angles etc.) The next two weeks are going to be challenging, in both animation and rendering, but with some persistence I should reach the point where I am pleased with my character's movements.

The suitcases haven't been properly textured yet, which is why the female is missing from the trolley, and the main character suitcase has a bit of a rushed look.

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  1. JOLANTA said...'> 31 March 2011 at 09:26

    some nice renders :) I see all the elements are also brought in and working nice together


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