Continued Production

Posted by Sam Hayes On Friday, November 25, 2011
Now that the dissertation draft has been handed in, It has been a bit more of a productive week. I've started work on another building, which is taking quite a while to get right. This is the Blacksmith, which will be focused on in a long pan-down shot, meaning it has to be high quality. It still needs some added modelling and some texture tweaking, along with a large Chinese lettered sign, but hopefully it will be completed today. One challenge of this project is optimisation - knowing when to use large textures and when to use heavy meshes, this building has each plank modelled opposed to textured on with normal maps, which is the method we'll probably use for some other, less important buildings. There is also a crate below, another prop that we'll use to scatter around our environment, to make it cluttered.

1024 Texture

512 Texture

Next up are some terrain tests, trying to get some good looking rocks and ground for our town's surroundings.

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