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Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, January 23, 2010
The crit went quite well today, although I feel quite drained this evening, I think it was the combination of energy drinks from 8 A.M and celebrational beer from 4 P.M. There wasn't a huge amount to celebrate, butI felt the crit went well and I received mainly good reviews from both the tutors. I worked the hardest I've ever worked on anything this project, and I've realised, that if your concept is good, the rest will follow with hard work and technical endurance. I am very much looking forward the next project, and am hoping to put as much effort in again towards my result. For our next unit: Story-telling, we all received three slips of randomly selected paper; a character, an object and a place, whichwill correspond to our story in our animation. Mine were:




With a selection like that I will struggle (and refrain) from making a serious animation, I am thinking I will create something comedic but still aim for a strong story element. I am looking forward to my final grade for this unit, Iam just hoping my essay does not let me down.

Some other observations from the crit today are that Ruben and Leo had some very atmospheric and well-thought out work, Ruben's was very realistic, logical and detailed whilst Leo's was very enticing and seemed almost like a real place. All-round I think a lot of effort went into this Unit, I also really liked Richard's mirror-room as I saw it progress through the last stages, as well as Simon's train station. I thought the range of ideas and places that surfaced really showed people's different imaginations, and hope that there are many briefs in the future which give way to our own broad ideas.

A group of us spoke to Phill 'Photoshop Phill' Hoskins after the crit, and it turns out he isn't scheduled to teach us again as the last two units were his speciality. He did mention that we might have him again in the future, but for now, we'll have other tutors. This is a shame as he taught us all a lot, especially about composition and general photoshop use and I do hope he returns to teach us more before the end of the course (As I know a lot of others do) 

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    Cor, I remember this one, although for us it was it was set over the summer break as an optional thing. I think I got an egg, magician, can't remember the place though.

    Nice write up of the crit as well.


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