Research: Reign of Fire

Posted by Sam Hayes On Saturday, January 09, 2010

I wanted to look a few more films with destroyed London as a theme, so I found an old copy of 'Reign of Fire'. I hadn't seen it for about five years or so, and it wasn't as bad as I remember it being. The premise is that the world has been attacked by a species of Dragons which have re-surfaced from underneath London, it is set in 2020, where most of the world's population have been fried and eaten by the beasts. It is set in England, with a group of survivors living in a castle in Northumberland lead by Christian Bale and Gerard Butler, who both have big bushy post-apocalyptic beards and dress like Elbow.

The plot is OK, I remember it being ridiculous and over-the-top but I found watching it again enjoyable and compared to a lot of films made in the last five years it's not THAT bad. I took a few shots of London, where the final scenes are set, where the main characters go to kill the 'male' Dragon who is getting a lot of action impregnating thousands of females.

Also: Is there a single film starring Christian Bale where he doesn't get topless?

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  1. ralleywolf said...'> 9 January 2010 at 16:41

    I remember thoroughly enjoying that film the first time I saw it. Also I'm a little bit surprised you could write about this film without mentioning Matthew McConaughey. His character was pretty good.


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